The customs process may seem long and complicated, but at Customs Clearance World, we offer a number of services that can be used to form a solution that is tailored to your small business.

  • Import/ Export

    We understand you rely on the prompt delivery of goods, this is particularly important in terms of ensuring the satisfaction of your customer. Our expertise means we understand the supply chain and how it can be used to aid your business!

  • Customs Clearance

    Take the hassle out of organising the clearance of imported goods; we are able to facilitate the whole process if required. Our business complies with all the necessary regulations and government requirements to ensure your goods are delivered without delay.

  • Quarantine Clearance

    Australia has some of the most stringent quarantine policies in place, this can mean delays in the clearance of goods. However, we offer services and recommendations that will ensure your peace of mind, whether it is confirming the compliance of goods prior to arrival or organising measures to enable fast and thorough processing.

  • International Air and Sea Freight

    Not only do we organise the processing of goods through customs and quarantine but we also provide international transportation. Our rapport with numerous transportation specialists means we can pass on competitive rates to our customers.

  • Local Transport

    At Customs Clearance World we also facilitate the transfer of goods domestically. We are dedicated to ensuring the safe and timely arrival of any goods imported to Australia.


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