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Freight Forwarders Play an Integral Part in Importing and Exporting

Freight Forwarders Play an Integral Part in Importing and Exporting

Freight forwarders play an integral role in the logistics industry. A freight forwarding company is a business that specialises in the arrangement and storage of merchandise as well as the shipping of goods on behalf of its shippers. Freight forwarders in Sydney such as Customs Clearance World, are well-versed in handling a surfeit of numerous aspects related to the shipping industry.

Services that are usually provided by freight forwarders include:

  • Tracking inland transportation.
  • The preparation of shipping and export documents.
  • Booking of cargo space.
  • The negotiation of freight costs.
  • Freight consolidation.
  • Insurance for cargo.
  • Filing and lodging of insurance claims.

Freight forwarders, whether in Sydney or in another location normally ship goods under their own bills of lading or air waybills.

These are referred to as lading or house air waybills.

The customs clearance agents of freight forwarders or associates at the destination of the goods (referred to as overseas freight forwarders) will provide documentation for delivery, deconsolidation as well as freight collection services – better known as a forwarder.

In a nutshell – a freight forwarder is an agent acting on behalf of those in the export/import industry or other companies as well as individuals to ensure that goods are transported safely and efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Freight forwarders are also known as forwarding agents or non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC).

Main functions of freight forwarders include:

  • The main function is to ensure that goods or merchandise enjoys a safe and secure journey to the end destination.
  • Freight forwarders usually have contracts with carriers to move goods – and although the freight forwarder does not physically move the goods, the freight forwarder is continuously in control due to an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the logistics industry.
  • Freight forwarders usually have contracts with carriers so that cargo can be transported from point A to point B.
  • Shipping providers utilised to move cargo include trucks, planes, ships and by rail.
  • Typically, shipments use multiple modes of transport used to carrying goods and products.
  • International freight forwarders such as freight forwarders in Sydney are expert in handling international shipments with additional expertise in the preparation and processing of customs as well as a multitude of other documentation. 

Typically international freight forwarders:

  • International freight forwarders execute all activities involving international shipments.
  • The information usually includes shippers’ export declaration, bills of lading as well as numerous other documentation regarding the carrying of goods for exporting and importing.
  • Furthermore transhipment is also taken care of – transhipment being the shipment of goods and containers to an intermediate destination then to yet another destination – until it reaches the final destination.
  • Most documentation is processed online.

A brief history of freight forwarding:

Although the very first freight forwarders on record are the innkeepers of London who were responsible for holding and forwarding personal belongings of hotel guests, the first official freight forwarding company on record is Thomas Meadows and Co Ltd of London.

Thomas Meadows and Co Ltd of London was created in 1836, but is obsolete today; in 1989 the company was acquired by Rockwood International Freight and in 1990 by Delmar.

The need for dependable rail transport and steamships created the call for freight forwarding.

Before long advanced trade patterns were created between Europe and North America which in turn created a further need for freight forwarding. Originally the responsibilities of the freight forwarder included advice on relevant documentation and the necessities required for the country of destination.

The corresponding agent overseas looked after the client and kept him up to speed regarding the movement of the goods or merchandise.

In today’s modern world, freight forwarding is conducted in the same manner.

Custom Clearance World is Sydney is a key provider of business importing services. Should you require hands-on professionalism and are looking for freight forwarders in Sydney, you will be pleased to learn that your import/export business will be run like a well-oiled machine as you will be offered customs clearance, freight forwarding excellence combined with quarantine mastery.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our freight forwarding specialists today!

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