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The Requirements for Importing Products into Australia

The Requirements for Importing Products into Australia

All products, goods and merchandise imported into Australia have to be cleared through the border.

Before you import anything into the country, you will need to research your specific import clearance requirements.

Often there are prohibited items as well as permits required for importing; and depending on the nature of your product, there could be additional costs including GST, other taxes, clearance fees, as well as customs duty costs.

Certain items including plastics, inks, printing as well as photocopying chemicals, household cleaning products and toiletries are some of the products that might require additional registration.

Before you import into Australia we recommend researching if the products you are importing fall under the restricted or prohibited category of goods.

Australia is renowned for its stringent quarantine and importing legalities and so it’s always wise to be on the safe side and consult an expert who is well-versed on the legislation.

For further information, visit the Department of Immigrations and Border Protection – otherwise known as DIBP.

With the known complications of importing into Australia, your time may be better spent outsourcing the process process to specialist Freight Forwarders, such as Customs Clearance World.

At Customs Clearance World, we know all aspects of freight forwarding which will allow you to focus on running your business without having to worry about customs legislation.

If any of your imported products are restricted, we will find out what you require and advise on the best course of action – in all probability you will need to obtain the correct permit and pay a fee.

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When importing chemicals into Australia:

When importing or manufacturing industrial chemicals that will be used in the commercial sector, you will need to register with the NICNAS – The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme.

Registration needs to be paid annually.

As expert Freight Forwarders we will be able to educate and assist you with all relevant importation aspects of chemicals and chemical products.

More about importing into Australia:

With a competent importing specialist on your side, you can focus on achieving the goals of your business and providing your products to the local market.

Your success is dependent on following the rules and regulations of government which are stipulated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

About import licensing and permits

Customs will need to clear your goods when you import them into the country – this is where Freight Forwarders come into play:

There is generally no license required for the importation of products, however:

  • You will usually require import permits, quarantine permits, and treatments that will apply to any specific imported items.
  • You need to know whether your imported goods are subjected to any compulsory or other rules.

Importing need not be difficult, however you inadvertently risk breaking the law should you not know and comply by certain stipulated rules and regulations that are the requirements for importing any goods.

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Freight Forwarders play an important role in any import or export business as they are well-acquainted with any intricacies, rules and regulations, as well as any permits and licenses required to make yours a successful import programme.

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