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Australia’s Trusted Freight Forwarders

Leaving your supplier to choose an international freight forwarder means losing control over your costs and attracting higher Australian port charges. Your freight forwarder needs to act in your best interests – otherwise, you’ll find the profits from a hard-won deal are quickly eroded by avoidable expenses.

Customs Clearance World has the experience and knowledge to organise your international freight services, whether by sea or by air. We offer you greater control over your supply chain costs, helping you choose the right solution for your business needs.

Our long-standing business relationships here in Australia (including ports in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne) and abroad ensure your cargo is consigned only to reliable, reputable operators at very competitive rates. Our freight forwarding specialists will also provide transparent, itemised quotes that will show you up-front what those surprisingly low freight forwarder costs are.

Freight Forwarding

Air Freight Forwarding

Get the right air freight solution for your cargo with help from our experienced team. We have experienced air freight forwarding specialists who can figure out your best air freight solutions to get your cargo to its destination safely and on time. No matter how small or large your cargo may be, we’ll help you get it across quickly, with as few delays as possible.

Sea Freight Forwarding

Ensure your freight ships across the seas as quickly as possible with our sea freight forwarding services. Our extensive local and international operating network lets us find the best sea freight forwarding solution to match your needs and timeline. We offer access to multiple shipping solutions, from open top containers and flat racks to bread bulks and charters.

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    Are you importing as a business or private individual?

    Sorry we exclusively deal with commercial cargo only.

    Freight Forwarder Brisbane

    Work with a freight forwarder in Brisbane who always have your best interests in mind.

    We know that shipping freight internationally can either work for your business or against it, and we’ll always see to it that your freight forwarding works to your advantage. We’ll figure out the best shipment solution for your freight – whether by sea or air – to make sure it gets to its destination on time and with as little costs as possible. With our extensive network of partners in local and international ports, we’ll always find the best operators for your cargo, wherever it’s headed. Whether you need air freight forwarding or sea freight forwarding, we’ll help you get the best deal.

    We will take care of all the details and make sure they’re set up correctly from the moment the goods leave your supplier’s hands.

    Freight Forwarder Sydney

    Freight forwarding is a key part of many business operations, and we understand the role it plays in today’s global landscape.

    Our team will help you find the fastest and most cost-effective freight solution for your shipment so you can reduce unnecessary costs and delays. We work with partners in several major ports around the world, allowing us to find the best operators and freight forwarding solution for your needs. We also have one of the most extensive freight networks in Australia, with partners in major ports throughout the country and around the world. This allows us to provide fast and efficient freight forwarding for all our clients, making us a top choice for operations with tight deadlines.

    Whether you’re transporting good outside of Australia or importing freight to the country, we’ll help you process your shipment as soon as possible.

    International Sea Freight | Customs Clearance World

    Finding the best way for you

    We will liaise with your supplier and determine the best way forward to suit your budget and requirements. There’s a reason we are the freight forwarding experts Brisbane and Sydney businesses trust: we get shipments where they need to be on time and on budget.

    We know that not all shipments and cargo are the same, and we will do everything we can to make sure you get the right freight forwarding solution for your needs.

    International Air | Customs Clearance World

    Total Supervision

    No matter where your shipment needs to go, it will be in great hands with Customs Clearance World. We’ll coordinate the international freight forwarding, monitor your cargo throughout its journey and manage its arrival at the port.

    Our freight forwarders can manage your sea freight and air freight in Sydney, sea freight and air freight in Brisbane, or manage your supply chain anywhere else in Australia. Our service includes the submission of all reporting obligations so you don’t miss anything.

    Documentation Icon | Customs Clearance World

    Complete Transparency

    Know the most important details for your sea or air freight from day one. We’ll always provide arrival/departure times, freight updates and answers to any questions you might have about your shipment.

    When you work with Customs Clearance World, you’ll never be in the dark with your freight. Whether your shipment is arriving on time or encountering unavoidable delays, we’ll always let you know what’s happening.

    How it works

    We are the freight forwarding experts Sydney and Brisbane businesses rely on for quality freight services. Customs Clearance World makes customs clearance easy with our simple process:

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    Want to work with freight forwarding experts you can trust? Get in touch with our freight forwarders in Sydney or Brisbane for a comprehensive quote.

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    Pickup from Origin

    We will pick up your cargo from your point of origin, saving you the hassle of transporting your stock to us. Our import agents will work on your behalf and ensure that everything is taken care of.

    Customs Icon | Customs Clearance World

    Customs Clearance

    Our customs and import agents in Brisbane and Sydney will arrange all documentation to make the entire customs process smooth and hassle-free.

    Delivery Icon | Customs Clearance World

    Local Delivery

    We facilitate the transfer of your goods at competitive rates, ensuring a fast and cost-effective delivery.

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    Customs Clearance World has a range of services and solutions that are customizable to your business needs.

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