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The Coronavirus is NOT Stopping the Shipping Industry

The Coronavirus is NOT Stopping the Shipping Industry

The COVID-19 coronavirus has been spreading rapidly around the world, causing many businesses and industries to suffer greatly – if not halt altogether.

But there are some industries that are pushing through this crisis, and the shipping and logistics industries are among them.

Even with the stricter guidelines this coronavirus pandemic has caused, the shipping and logistics industries are still here alive and kicking.

We Need Shipping and Logistics More than Ever

There’s a good reason why shipping and logistics operations have not stopped during this global health crisis:

We need them!

We live in a global market where suppliers, manufacturers, and producers from different countries work together to provide goods and services to people around the world.

If the shipping and logistics industries were halted because of this viral outbreak, then it could cause even more chaos and panic as goods and supplies run out.

In times of crisis like today, we need fast shipping and logistics more than ever.

Here’s why.

  • Delivery of essential products and goods.

Many countries rely on international suppliers for a variety of essential items like food, medical supplies, and protective equipment. Shipping and logistics companies like us are working hand-in-hand with local governments to ensure the continued supply of essential goods and products to the places that need them.


  • Ensure the supply of materials for local businesses.

Although many industries are suffering because of this coronavirus, there are other industries that are going strong (e.g. local deliveries, medical suppliers, etc.). Ongoing shipment and logistics can ensure these thriving businesses can keep running and serving their customers. This, in turn, also helps keep local economies afloat.


  • Keep local societies and communities safe.

As local communities prepare for increased social distancing and home quarantines, we need a regular supply of good and products to keep everyone safe and healthy. Continued shipping and transport will play a crucial role in helping prevent the shortage of goods and products around the world.

Simply put, we need the shipping and logistical operations to keep people safe and the economy running.

And all levels of government recognise this fact. In fact, shipping and freight are among the essential services that governments are allowing to continue during state and community lockdowns.

Overcoming the Challenges of Shipping Today

This is not to say this coronavirus has not created any challenges to shipping operations around the world.

Due to the circumstances surrounding this global health crisis, countries have placed stricter guidelines and protocols for local and international shipping.

But these new protocols are NOT meant to stop shipping operations – these are simply precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of this virus and keep more people safe.

And while some goods and locations may have more limitations and requirements than others (depending on what the goods are and where they are located), these new guidelines will not stop the shipping and logistical operations of many companies around the world.

Need Customs Specialists for Your Next Shipment or Cargo?

If you have shipment or cargo that you need transported and cleared in customs, know that you can still get it done even during this time of crisis.

Call (07) 3319 1877 or (02) 9600 6039 or send us a message to talk to one of our customs specialists as soon as possible. We are here ready to help businesses and companies get their shipments across despite this coronavirus outbreak.

We stay up to date with the latest guidelines and requirements for shipping around the world, and our staff can provide the right advice and guidance for your next shipment.

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