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Why Use A Freight Forwarder

Why Use A Freight Forwarder

Why do you need a freight forwarder and what services do they offer? Freight forwarding in Sydney offers a broad spectrum of services that import and export businesses simply cannot thrive without.

For these businesses to be successful across the globe, importing and exporting are fundamental pillars of an effective supply chain. Utilising international shipping may open up doors for you – but it may also pose numerous challenges.

The export/import process is complex; furthermore, every country has separate rules and regulations that need to be adhered to which can prove to be quite daunting.

A freight forwarder will help make your logistics more efficient and reliable – this is exactly why why you need to use the services of professional freight forwarding in Sydney.

Here are four good reasons why you need the help of a freight forwarder:

  1. A freight forwarder will coordinate everything for you, saving you time and hassle. This may include booking cargo space in the most cost effective manner, coordinating freight charges, arranging storage and warehousing, organising insurance and tracking your shipment.
  1. Freight forwarders usually ship under their own bills of lading or air waybills – these are also referred to as a house bill of lading or house air waybill, and their agents or associates at the destination will then provide document delivery, deconsolidation, as well as freight collection services.
  1. Take note that a freight forwarder does not move the freight itself but acts as an intermediary between shipper and several transference services such as ocean shipping on cargo ships, trucking, and further shipping by air freight as well as moving goods by using rail transport.
  1. A freight forwarding company has built strong relationships with dealings with transporters, allowing better pricing and smoother communication. Additionally, if multiple services are required such as air freight, rail and trucking, a freight forwarder can develop the best solution to deliver efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably.

Choose freight forwarding in Sydney to handle the considerable logistics of shipping goods from one international destination to another; a task that would otherwise be a formidable burden for any import/export business.

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