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Seven Reasons for Using a Customs Agent in Sydney

Seven Reasons for Using a Customs Agent in Sydney

When you make the decision to establish an export market for your products you can choose between two options – these include an intermediary organisation (Indirect) or employ the right individuals to operate your business (Direct).

Reasons for using a customs agent in Sydney are numerous. The challenges faced when doing your research independently are quite daunting – these include plenty of red tape and jargon to cut though, language and cultural obstacles to cross, unfamiliar competition and political as well as financial threats unfamiliar to most business owners.

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For this very reason, when embarking on an export agenda, it makes sense to be sensible and to conduct some initial research, with some of the most important issues to consider being:

State of the economy

It is important and smart to investigate the economical state of the countries that you are pursuing. These areas need to be both politically as well as financially stable. If the country is in a financial mess (think Greece), you may find it difficult to receive your imbursement.

If there is political disturbance in a country, such as many countries on the African Continent, it is preferable to stay away until these issues are stabilised.

Embarking on an export programme is stressful in itself – taking on extra issues is never a smart move.

Language plays a role

Language is another point to consider and even though English is a world-wide language, there are many people that do not speak it. Think of it this way – Chinese is spoken by 1.2 billion, Arabic by 422 million individuals and German is spoken by 100 million people!

When it comes to operating your export business using the indirect method:

  • Specialist companies in exporting are referred to as Export Management Companies (EMC’s), Export Trading Companies (ETC’s), traders, merchants, export agents, export brokers and consultants.
  • An EMC is really your export department where teams of customs brokers are industry-leaders in the handling of a wide range of commodities from various origins.
  • Whether you are an international importer or bringing personal items onto the shores of Australia, brokers at Customs Clearance World are sufficiently experienced and are able to ensure a smooth and efficient clearance for all your international air freight as well as ocean freight consignments together with any personal shipping needs and requirements.
  • We boast being representatives of several manufacturers and specialists in numerous products as well as a diverse geographical region.
  • We are involved in the entire exporting process, as is the case with most EMC’s.
  • Cutting-edge technology and experience in international freight shipping makes ours a trusted name within the industry.
  • Avoiding delays is often crucial to import/export business – choose your Customs Agent in Sydney with intelligence to ensure there are no additional costs incurred.

With so many complicated trade regulations, selecting a Customs Agent in Sydney to take care of the finer details is perhaps a smart move towards ensuring a successful operation.

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