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Use Professional Freight Services To Assist With The Transportation 

Use Professional Freight Services To Assist With The Transportation 

Freight transport is the process of transporting goods and cargo using a variety of different methods, and although the term “shipping” only referred to transporting goods by sea in the past, in today’s modern world it encompasses land and air as well.

It cannot be stressed enough what an important part freight services play in the shipping industry, thus boosting the world’s economy.

There are various types of shipping used to transport goods – these include:

Transportation by ground will embrace both rail and road transport:

  • Land or ground shipping usually includes goods being transported by train or by truck.
  • When goods are transported by air or by sea, it stands to reason that the merchandise will need to be transported by truck or train to reach the final destination.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the transportation of products and merchandise is usually less expensive by rail and road than by air.
  • In many instances, road transport is more costly than by sea, where the inland infrastructure is simply not an option as the road and rail systems of many destinations can prove to be quite inadequate – this would include certain African destinations where the road and rail infrastructure is extremely poor as well as quite unsafe, as is the road and rail system in India.
  • The terminology used for the carriage of goods from the shipper’s place to its final destination is known as “door to door shipment” otherwise it is referred to as being “multimodal transport”.
  • Cargo is moved in bulk through the use of both trucks and trains that deliver goods to and from sea ports and airports.
  • This is where it makes sense for companies to utilise specialist freight services that will offer tailored customs clearance and freight forwarding solutions for businesses regardless of size – a service that will ensure your import/export business is run like a well-oiled machine.

Transporting goods by ship:

  • Affreightment – this is the term used for the contract for the carriage of goods by water; in this instance, freight being the price paid for the service of carriage.
  • These contracts play an important role in the economy right across the globe.
  • They are responsible for making up the legal structure that governs the arterial traffic of the oceans.
  • Affreightment contracts are mostly standardised – these are by both the standards of law as well as a multitude of customs.
  • Much of the shipping is undertaken by actual “ships”.
  • The fleets and individuals of various nations are referred to as merchant navy ships or merchant marines.
  • Merchant shipping plays a vital role in the world’s economy – at least 90% of international trade is conducted this way.
  • There are in the region of about 102 194 commercial ships found globally.
  • Shipping is not restricted to oceans alone – merchandise is also shipped using barges on canals and rivers.

Cargo transported by air:

  • Specialist cargo planes are used to transport merchandise by air.
  • Air transport is the quickest mode of transporting long-distance cargo – although it could in most instances prove to be the most expensive way of transporting goods.

Explaining intermodal freight transport

Intermodal transport, quite simply, is the use of a multitude different modes of transport to move cargo transferred between airports, ships, rail and trucks.

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